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Stewart Services Mechanical Division surpasses "Best in Class".

Kilns: FLS, AC, Vulcan, KHD, and Polysisus

  • Tire pad re-shimming and replacement
  • Tire and pad retainer block repairs (welding)
  • Tire retainer ring repairs and replacement
  • Support roll inspections
  • Support roll internal bearing housing inspections and repairs
  • Support roll bearing base inspections and replacement
  • Nose and tail casting replacement
  • Brick retainer ring replacement
  • Discharge cowling/hood repairs and replacement
  • Main gear lube unit inspection and repairs
  • Main drive inspection and alignments
  • Pinion reversal and replacement
  • Main gear reversal and replacement

Coolers: IKN, Fuller, FLS Crossbar, Claudius Peters and AC

  • Inspections to determine overhaul scope of work for parts needed and mechanical repairs
  • Replace upper grate line
  • Replace moveable and stationary frames
  • Repair under grate compartment
  • Repair drag conveyor housings and chain
  • Drive component inspection, alignments and replacements
  • Cooler housing repairs and replacement
  • Clinker breaker repairs and replacements
  • Fan inspection and repairs
  • Assist with fan balancing

Mills (raw and finish): FLS, Traylor, Fuller, KHD, Polysisus and AC

  • Liner replacement
  • Diaphragm repairs and replacement (Vega, Claudius Peters, Christian Pfeiffer, and Magittiuox)
  • Head replacements
  • Shell repairs (welding)
  • Bearing housing inspection and repairs
  • Bearing replacement
  • Gear set inspections and drive alignment
  • Gear and pinion reversal and replacement
  • Gear guard inspection, repairs and replacement
  • Gear lube unit inspection and repair
  • Symetro repairs (this work would typically be performed with a OEM representative and our scope would be labor and tools only)


  • Liner inspections and replacement
  • Drive unit inspection and repairs
  • Main shaft replacement
  • Rotor replacement
  • Dispersion disk replacement
  • Bearing inspection and replacement
  • Chute repairs and replacement
  • Assist with balancing

Crusher Circuits:

  • Feed hopper repairs and replacement
  • Belt conveyor inspection, repairs and installations
  • Screen deck inspection, repairs and installations
  • Cone crusher overhauls
  • Hammer mill overhauls
  • Rotary hammer breaker overhauls
  • Jaw crusher overhauls
  • Gyratory overhauls
  • Vibratory conveyor inspection and repairs

Misc. Plant Repairs:

  • Bucket elevator, inspection, repair, chain/belt replacement, head and tail pulley replacement and alignments and housing repairs
  • Conveyor belts, inspection, drive unit repairs and alignments, belt replacement, idler and troughing roll replacement, head and tail pulley replacement
  • Pre-heat towers, meal chute repairs and replacement, cyclone repairs and replacement, flop gate repairs and replacement and ducting repairs and replacement
  • Pack house/load out systems, air slide repairs and replacement, rotary packer repairs and replacement, F-K pumps inspection, repairs and replacement, gate value repairs and replacement, materials handing piping repairs and replacement
  • Bag-house inspections and repairs (housings, gates, tube sheets, bag replacement, damper valves and fan inspection and repairs)
  • Small capitol projects (up to $2,000,000 range), structural steel supply and installation, new equipment installation, equipment up-grades

Outage Management:

  • On-call 24 hours per day
  • Planning and scheduling outages
  • Collaboration and planning with the responsible plant personnel
  • Mobilization, coordination and logistics to reduce scheduled downtime
  • Keep customer informed of any critical issues concerning the outage
  • Continually updated aggressive but realistic schedule
  • Identify any existing or potential problems, bottlenecks, or safety concerns
  • Analyzing and estimating costs
  • Arranging all manpower requirements
  • Complete plant inspection with repair recommendations
  • Arranging equipment / supplies
  • Supervision/Management of all aspects of the outage
  • Daily cost accounting/tracking
  • Optimize the schedule and reduce delays from conflicting activities
  • Post-outage reviews for continuous improvement

Stewart Services Mechanical was founded to assist the Refractory Division with critical projects where conflicting / overlapping scopes of work typically caused the plant delays and cost issues. Stewart Services would single-source and manage these projects to optimize the schedule.

Stewart Services Mechanical has since grown beyond the refractory-related projects to being the major mechanical contractor on outages.