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Stewart Services - Refractory Contractors


Stewart Services Specializes in Refractory Installations.


  • Scaffold
  • Demolition
  • Kiln and Vessel Brick
  • Anchor Welding
  • Gunite
  • Shotcrete
  • Forming and Pouring
  • Plastic Ramming


  • MSHA Registered Contractor
  • All employees MSHA trained and certified
  • Follow all MSHA related requirements and standards
  • Coordinate Site Specific Training
  • Coordinate Certified Task Training
  • Work Area Inspections
  • Daily Safety Meetings discussing job specific hazards
  • Emergency procedures in place for each facility we work

Outage Management

  • On call 24-hours per day for Outage Planning and Management
  • Customers supplied with Emergency Action Plan with contact numbers for quick emergency response
  • Collaboration and planning with the responsible plant personnel
  • Mobilization, coordination and logistics to reduce scheduled downtime
  • Inform customer of any critical issues concerning the outage
  • Continually updated aggressive but realistic schedule
  • Identify any existing or potential problems, bottlenecks, or safety concerns
  • Analyzing and estimating costs
  • Arranging all manpower requirements
  • Complete plant inspection with repair recommendations
  • Arranging equipment / supplies
  • Supervision / Management of all aspects of the outage
  • Daily cost accounting / tracking
  • Optimize the schedule and reduce delays from conflicting activities
  • Post-outage reviews for continuous improvement
  • Surplus refractory management to minimize inventory/excesses


  • Refractory / Monolithic materials selection, material availability
  • Refractory material cost analysis
  • Refractory / Anchor / Lining design
  • Expansion Joint design specific to operating conditions and environment
  • Facilitate Refractory succeses/failures discussions among customers
  • Constructability issues, contingencies, risk assessment
  • Kiln Bricking Procedures and Installation Specifications
  • Failure analysis and corresponding refractory solutions
  • Thermomechanical analysis and post mortem sample analysis
  • Optimum heat cure schedules and the suitability of a "dry-out” company
  • Refractory Reliability
  • Refractory Economics
  • Analyze Kiln Mechanics, Kiln Brick Failures, Non-linear Brick Life
  • Refractory Roundtable Discussions and Seminars

Refractory installation is our specialty. With refractory equipment located strategically across the country, Stewart Services can be at almost any plant site in the nation less than 14 hours, usually before it's even cool enough to enter. Our diverse manpower base and experienced foremen allow us to manage multiple projects at one time with safe and top quality execution.

Stewart Services does not just install refractory on these projects. We work with our customers to assure their decisions meet their goals with respect to material selection, installation method, outage execution (planning, scheduling, coordination), engineering design, and refractory performance. We don't just put in what we're told to. We collect all the information we can to put the best recommendations and solutions together for our customers.