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Stewart Services is a Contracting Company Specializing in the Cement, Lime, and Power Industries

Stewart Services was initially founded in 2001 to serve the cement industry and assist plants in understanding the unique characteristics of refractory materials and the installed performance of refractory linings at the best value available. Stewart Services has a deep and diverse understanding of the multi-disciplined refractory crafts and design, process environment, field management and a history of solving problems in industrial applications. Since refractory failures are generally the largest contributor to unplanned outages, increasing refractory reliability in these industries is our specialty. Stewart Services has since grown to be one of the largest refractory contractors for the cement industry in the US.

In 2006, Stewart Services added a Mechanical Division specializing in all aspects of maintenance for our customers. They not only support refractory projects, but also can do any of the day to day maintenance in any area of the plants from quarry crushers, to mills, to product loadout. Our customers have been extremely pleased not only with our Mechanical Division’s capabilities, but also with not having to worry about coordination between separate contractors.

In an effort to continue this trend, Stewart Services has now added a Scaffold Division capable of supporting our internal projects as well as executing stand-alone projects. Our customers have realized savings as adding this division has reduced travel costs and optimized the labor force. The same labor passing scaffold becomes labor for demolition, refractory/mechanical support, and then scaffold dismantling.